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Leave Asbestos Jobs to Our Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Team to Stay Safe

If you believe you have asbestos at your premises, hiring a professional to remove it is the right thing to do. With Asbestos Watch Rockhampton , you will get quality asbestos removal services at value prices.

  • Our specialised Team will deliver all jobs effectively and efficiently at any level; whether it’s commercial or even residential.
  • All works will be conducted in accordance with national and local regulations.
  • We will deliver high quality services at competitive prices.
  • Our established Team are highly skilled and have vast experience to deliver the best services and meet clients’ needs.
  • We demonstrate the experience and knowledge required, for handling asbestos materials in residential, commercial and industrial settings.

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Asbestos: Important questions and answers

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is actually a natural fibre of silicate minerals. The great danger of asbestos is that it does not dissolve, but gets stuck in the lung tissue. Depending on how much of it was inhaled, asbestos can lead to serious illnesses such as cancer.

Asbestos will not cause any problem for a certain period of time but as the building material ages, it can disentegrate and release fibres, then it causes a major health hazard. This is possible in many of the buildings built before the 1990s.

As a building material asbestos fibres were very stable, they were often used in building materials after the 2nd World War up to 1954 - especially in roofing and insulation materials. Up to the 1960s, 25% of houses built prior to 1976 had asbestos products. They were mostly asbestos sheeting. Also, 20% of house roofing during that period had asbestos.

How dangerous is asbestos?

If the fibres are inhaled, they can become lodged in the lungs. Long-term consequences of asbestos exposure is often cancer. The negligent handling of asbestos can not only have serious health consequences, but also could be an environmental offense.

Firmly bound fibres ( bonded asbestos) such as in asbestos cement, which was used for roofs and walls, are harmless - if they are not damaged and fully encapsulated. In addition to tightly bound asbestos, there may also be a number of weakly bonded materials in the house (friabe asbestos), which can be more dangerous than bonded asbestos, because the fibres are more readily airborne.

How is the risk assessed?

In order not to endanger yourself and the environment, house owners should ask a professional before starting renovation. Asbestos can be found in all manner of places around the older home, and renovations are the leading cause of asbestos breakage and contamination in the home.

Asbestos removal licence

  • The Australian Work Health and Safety permits a non-licence-holder person to do asbestos removal as long as it is non-friable material and the maximum area to be removed is not more than 10 square meters.
  • If the area to be removed is more than 10 square meters, then the government requires you to hire a licensed removalist who has received training and obtained a QLD SafeWork asbestos removal certification.
  • You have to note, friable material, must be removed only by a qualified removalist only, regardless of size and quantity.

Trust our specialised team. We are licensed to deliver excellent asbestos removal services.

Asbestos has caused death to many people. Make sure you protect your family from asbestos. To find out more on how to save your loved ones from asbestos, check out our asbestos testing Rockhampton. Always be smart and be safe.

Asbestos Watch Rockhampton Team in process for removing asbestos

Why Choosing Our Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Team?

Our Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Team provide complete services for your asbestos removal needs. We are competent in asbestos removal testing, and all services related to asbestos.

With their skills, knowledge and experience, our staff strive to deliver quality services to clients. They each hold a licence and have undertaken extensive training. All Asbestos Watch Team members are equipped with specialised equipment to perform all asbestos-related work.

Prior to the asbestos removal job, your property will be inspected and quoted. Our Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Team, then, will discuss with you the integrity of your asbestos, its requirements if any for removal, and the best plan to remove safely.

If needed, our Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Team can also help you with the transportation and disposal of your asbestos waste.

All works will be conducted in accordance with national and local regulation. Our Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Team will perform the job safely and keep your environment clean.

Do not hesitate to contact us and get connected to our Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Team. Get a free quote to be updated with our service prices.

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