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Asbestos Growing Concern : Check Your Roof Today

Asbestos Roof Removal Rockhampton Project | With raising awareness over asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), many homeowners faced a dilemma about what they are going to do once their corrugated asbestos roof starts to deteriorate. Experts say that replacing your asbestos-contaminated roof with Plastic Coated Steel Box Profile Sheeting might be the best way to protect your health from the exposure of fibrous products.

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The first step to do before removing your corrugated roof is by doing an ACM testing to get an accurate report. A visual inspection will not be sufficient to determine if your ceiling contains fibres. The ACM testing becomes essential in order to check and analysed the roofs.

Nowadays, you can do sampling yourself by using the testing kits that you may obtain easily. After you get the sample, you can bring them to an EPA-accredited laboratory for further analysis. Once you get the result, you may consider whether or not to do asbestos roof removal Rockhampton jobs.

Consider to calculate the estimated cost, so you can prepare for the project. Hiring a licensed removalist is recommended by the Work Health and Safety Australia since handling fibrous products can be dangerous and requires you to follow certain protocols and procedures.

How to Safely Remove ACMs?

Working with ACMs can be dangerous, this is why you need to follow certain procedures, as this form of asbestos may pose risk when it is degraded or damaged. The Work Health and Safety (WHS) recommends you to hire a licensed removalist or assessor to handle works related to ACM roofs.

Fibrous materials were widely used in home building materials such as roof sheeting, fence, eaves, hot water system, floor vinyl sheets and many more.

Working with Class-A licensed contractors will be the best way to deal with ACMs since they are permitted to to eliminate all types of fibrous products, including friable and non-friable roofing materials. They have gone through certification and training to ensure they will carry out the job safely.

Before doing the job, the suspected area must be quarantined. Homeowners must avoid to vacuum or clean the suspected area as it may disturb the area and release fibre into the air. When the asbestos roof removal Rockhampton project is performed, air monitoring and clearance inspections prior to the asbestos removal job may be carried.

For more information information on requirements for a safe asbestos roof removal Rockhampton work you may go to:

Am I Allowed to Perform DIY?

Dealing with fibrous roofing materials need you to adhere to procedures and safety guidelines in order to minimize releasing fiber, dust or small particles from the friable materials. It is a complex work and can be dangerous. It is highly recommended to hire professional contractors who hold an A-class license to remove  fibrous roofing products. Licensed contractors will also provide disposal services and other ACM-related services if required.

The Queensland government regulates you to undertake a training course in a registered training organization if you consider to dismantle the ACMs by yourself. This is to ensure that you know how to handle the fibrous products safely.

You are only permitted to remove bonded asbestos materials and as long as the size of the removal area is not more than 10 square meters. As for non-friable materials, they must be removed by a removalist with an A-Class license.

Tips for a Safe Removal

As mentioned before, you are permitted to remove bonded ACM-roofing products yourself as long as the removal area is less than 10 square meters. But, for commercial buildings, regarding the amount of ACMs, the work must be done by a licensed contractor.

You can follow these following tips to perform the roof removal job safely. Do not forget to take the appropriate safety precautions:

  • Tips #1: Wear a disposable Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and dusk mask when you are removing the fibrous roof sheeting.
  • Tips #2 : Do the job when the weather is calm. It will prevent the wide spread of fibre dust of your roofing materials.
  • Tips #3 : Alert your surrounding that you are working with hazardous materials by putting warning signs.
  • Tips #4 : Dampen the area before removing the contaminated material. You can use a mixture of soap and water then spray it to the suspected area. It will reduce the possibility of airborne fibres to be released when the work is progressing.
  • Tips #5 : Use a cropper to cult the bolt and cut it from the inside. Pay attention and be careful when you cut it. Avoid to disturb or break the asbestos.
  • Tips #6 : After you remove the roofing sheet, wrap it with plastic sheetings or 500 to 1000 gauge polythene plastics then seal them with tape.
  • Tips #7 : Obtain approved bags to put smaller pieces there.
  • Tips #8 : If there is any dust generated from the removal process, dampen it with a wet rag. DO NOT use a vacuum cleaner to clean it as it will only spread the dust further.
  • Tips #9 : Put all equipment in approved bags. Label the bags as ‘Asbestos Waste’.
  • Tips #10 : Contact the Rockhampton City Council or visit the Safety & Eradication Agency’s disposal database for the nearest disposal facility that will accept the hazardous waste.

How Can I find Competent Contractors to Eliminate ACMs from My Property?

If you don’t want to remove the hazardous product by yourself, hiring a professional is the right thing to do. Save your time searching for A-class licensed contractors, Asbestos Watch Rockhampton will connect you with removalists who offer excellent asbestos roof removal Rockhampton services.

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We work with trusted contractors only, and they are selectively chosen to provide high quality services at great costs.

They are highly skilled and have vast experiences to deliver the best services and meet clients’ needs. They have knowledge and experiences in handling fibrous materials in residential, commercial and industrial settings. All work will be conducted in compliance with national and local regulations.

Your property will be thoroughly inspected. Our approved members will record the location of the ACMs in an asbestos register. After inspecting your property, they will discuss and make a plan to solve your problems. The plan will be executed only with your approval.

If needed, our members can also help you with the transportation and disposal process. Once your project completed, you will receive a written report as a proof that the roof removal job is carried our in accordance with national and local laws.

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