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Can I Perform DIY Asbestos Removal Jobs?

The asbestos removal Rockhampton project | The Australian Work Health and Safety permits you to do asbestos removal yourself as long as the maximum area to be removed is 10 square meters of non-friable material. In addition, you still need to take appropriate precautions to ensure that you do the job in a safe manner. If the area to be removed is more than 10 square meters, then the government highly recommends you to hire a licensed removalist who has received training and obtain a QLD safework asbestos removal certification.

If you still want to remove it yourself, then you may do a training course run by TAFE or a certified training organization to obtain a certificate in order to remove non-friable materials more than 10 square meters. You have to note, as for a friable material, it must be removed only by a qualified removalist. You can not perform DIY removal for friable products.

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Remember, it is recommended to hire Class-A licensed contractor or worker to conduct asbestos removal Rockhampton jobs. If you still consider to dismantle the fibres by yourself, you must undertake a training to ensure you know how to perform the work safely. However, if the fiber products are in powder form or it can be crumbled just by hand pressure, then it must be extracted by a removalist contractor who holds a valid license.

Tips to Conduct a Safe ACM Removal Job

Removing asbestos containing materials (ACMs) from your home can be tricky and complicated. There are protocol and procedures you need to follow in order to conduct a safe removal work. As we all know fibrous materials can still be found in many residential and commercial buildings especially properties built before the 1990s.

Fibre materials are usually used in:

  • Roofing sheets
  • Wall sheeting
  • Eaves
  • Floor vinyl sheeting
  • Fence
  • Wet area

Here are several tips to eliminate and handling ACM properly:

  1. When you are handling fibre products, you should wear a disposable personal protective equipment (PPE) and an approved ACM dusk mask.
  2. Do the work only when the weather is calm to prevent further exposure.
  3. Warn people around the removal area by putting a warning sign telling that you are working with fibres.
  4. Damp the fibrous products by spraying them with mixture of water and soap. It aims to reduce the possibility or fibres to get released during the work.
  5. Using croppers, cut the bolts from the inside. Be careful not to damage ACMs by breaking the sheets into pieces.
  6. Wrap the asbestos sheets with 500 to 1000 gauge polythene or plastic sheeting, then seal them with tape.
  7. Obtain an approved bag to put smaller pieces of fibrous products in it.
  8. Do not use a vacuum cleaner or sweep any dust! Use damp rag to mop it to prevent a further spread of dust and small particles of asbestos.
  9. Do the same wrapping method for the equipment and tools then put them in the approved bags before disposal.
  10. Use a permanent marker to label the waste as “Asbestos Waste”.
  11. Visit Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency’s disposal database to find the nearest legal site disposal facility that can receive hazardous waste.

NOTE : If you have a private business, regarding the amount of fibres, it should only be removed  by a licensed contractor. Fibres can kill, this is why it’s important to follow proper guidelines.

For more information you can read chapter 6 in The Work Health and Safety Regulations in Queensland or download it from the link below:


Inspect Your Property!

You can’t tell whether a product contains fibres or not by just simply looking at it. You should do ACM testing in order to get an accurate result. You can purchase sampling kits to get the sample and bring it to an accredited laboratory to be analyzed. You can get the sampling kits everywhere or online. Once you get a report from the lab, you need to contact a removalist to decide the next step for the contaminated material.

If you do not want to remove it, you can check the suspected area and see if the fibre material is undisturbed. If the material is damaged and it seems that it can not be coated, then it is better to remove the hazardous material by hiring a professional contractor.

Damaged ACMs can threaten not only yourself, but also your neighbor. The fibre dust can be released into the air and becomes airborne. If that happens, then an assessor will be needed to do air monitoring and perform clearance inspections.

Why Choosing Our Members for Your Asbestos Removal Rockhampton Project?

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All works will be conducted in accordance with the National and Local legislation. Our approved members will come to your home and do a thorough inspection within your property. They will prepare a plan and discuss it with you before doing any asbestos work. All the ACMs found will be put in a register to alert people about fiber presence. Our approved members will do the job in a safe way and keep your environment clean.

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