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Is Your Property Safe From Asbestos-Containing Materials?

Asbestos Management Plan Rockhampton Project | Asbestos-containing material (ACM) is often used in building materials between the 1940s to 1980s. If you own a property built before 1990s, you need to raise your awareness towards fibre containing products. ACMs have been used in home building material such as wall sheeting, floor vinyl sheets, fencing, pipes, roofing (roof removal of asbestos here), eaves, etc. Most of these products are categorized as a non-friable asbestos, which is not dangerous as long, as the products remain undisturbed.

asbestos management plan Rockhampton

Australia has a serious problem with fibrous materials; at least one third of all homes built in Australia contain fiber products. Fibers commonly used in home constructions materials due to its flexibility, affordability, strength and insulation from heat and electricity.

It is reported that most buildings in Queensland, whether residential or commercial built before the 1990s, contain ACMs.

Actions have been taken by the Australian government in order to alert citizen about fibrous materials. Asbestos warning stickers have been installed in commercial housing properties built before the 1990s. You may find the stickers inside the electrical meter box door and and next to the smoke alarm sticker.

Bonded ACMs might not pose risk to your health, but loose asbestos (friable) does. Breathing in fibres into the lungs may trigger the progression of deadly diseases such as lung cancer and mesothelioma.

If you suspect that your building is contaminated by fibrous products, call our endorsed contractors right away.

Doing an improper ACM removal work can also contaminates the ground around your building. Referring to the Australian regulation, only workers who have been through training’s and hold a license can perform asbestos related jobs. Do not risk your health and your surrounding environment. Trust your ACM works only to our Class-A licensed contractors for the best services at competitive prices.

Read more about fibrous products in Queensland housing by clicking the link below:

Why I need to Make an AMP for My Commercial Property?

According to the Workplace Code of practice 2011, if you have a commercial property in the Queensland area, you must have an asbestos management plan (AMP). The AMP can help people around a commercial building or workplace be alerted about the possibility of ACMs presence. It will help people with the control and management of a property to prevent exposure to airborne fibres by their site visitors and workers.

A person with a duty of the control and management of a commercial building or workplace needs to take an act to record the presence of ACMs.

All ACMs must be record in an asbestos register and also be labeled. It is to inform people:

  • That ACMs are present in the building.
  • The consequences of fibre exposures.
  • Other proper control measure.

What Should Be in an Asbestos Management Plan Rockhampton?

If you own a business or a commercial building,  then you are responsible for your workers’ safety. Making an AMP is the first step to ensure that.  A good control program will set clear aims and objectives to keep ACMs safe at your premise. It will state what, when and how it is going to be done.

In accordance with the Queensland regulations, the plan must include:

  1. An ACM register of the commercial property or the workplace. It must give clear information about the location of fibre materials and it also must be maintained and updated.
  2. A control plan which inform: who will perform the maintenance work, the dates it is going to be done, the extent of the work and the clearance certificate.
  3. Informing about the presence of fibrous products in the site, the risks and implemented control measures to workers.
  4. A brief explanation of the implemented control measures and why they were chosen.
  5. A timetable and timeline.
  6. Monitoring schedule.
  7. Training program schedule for workers and contractors.
  8. Review procedures and schedule.
  9. Actions upon emergency accidents.

The plan should be accessible to workers and visitors at the site. Ideally, the AMP must be updated and reviewed once every five years or if:

  • Certain cases happen, such as in ACMs are being removed or the property is being demolished
  • It is no longer sufficient for managing fibrour materials at the workplace
  • The plan is reviewed or there is a request from the health and safety representative due to a specific situation.

About management program in Queensland area :

rockhampton asbestos management plan creation

Develop a sound asbestos management plan Rockhampton today

You need to develop an AMP to ensure that everyone is safe from the risks of fibre exposure. It requires knowledge, skills and experiences to ensure that the work will be carried out safely and properly. The Queensland legislation recommends you to hire a removalist who has a valid license and proper training.

To develop a sound AMP, you need to hire professional contractors who are fully A-class licensed.

You don’t need to worry on finding the right contractor to help you develop an excellent AMP for your business. We selectively chosen our endorsed contractors to serve you with high quality services at value costs. Our endorsed contractors are credible and competent in doing ACM-related works. They have an A-class license and are highly experienced. They strive to fulfill clients’ needs and satisfaction.

Call us now, our members will come to your property right away!

Our approved contractors will do an inspection thoroughly in your property to develop a suitable AMP for your property. Our approved members will check your building and come up with a plan for your property. If there is a damaged fibrous material that needs to be removed, our licensed removalists are ready to do the removal job safely. We will provide an assessor to carry out air monitoring and clearance inspection after the removal, when required.

Do not worry! We provide various services for your needs, starting from:

  • Sampling
  • Testing
  • Removal
  • Management plan
  • Emergency repair
  • Air monitoring
  • Demolition
  • Consultant
  • Soil remediation
  • Disposal

You will not waste your time because our endorsed contractors are competent and reliable. Our contractors are equipped with standardized and modern tools. They will always wear Personal Protective Equipment during the work.

If there is a removal job, the hazardous waste will be treated properly by sealing it in sealed plastic bags. The disposal process will be done in accordance with the regulations. The waste will be disposed of in a legal site that accepts toxic waste. All work will be carried out in compliance with national and local regulations. You will receive the written report once the project is finished.

Be smart, be safe! Trust our endorsed assessors to develop an excellent asbestos management plan Rockhampton for you. Call our members today to get 100% free quotes.